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The Republic Day of India

On 26th of January, Imperial Energy group celebrated one of the main holidays in India – the Republic Day, which was established in honor of the adoption of the Indian Constitution and the transition of the country from a British dominion to a republic on 26 January 1950.

To commemorate the event, office employees gathered in the conference room to congratulate our Indian colleagues at a tea party function with a live broadcast of the festive parade in India demonstrated on the screen. The Indian management, most of whom were dressed in national costumes that day, sang the anthem of their country. Saket Gupta, Chief Executive Officer of Imperial Energy group, told his Russian colleagues about the history of the holiday. After an exchange of solemn speeches, which emphasized the importance of good relations between Russia and India, a quiz took place on the knowledge of the history of the Republic Day and facts about India. Those who had listened attentively to Mr. Gupta's speech and correctly answered the quiz questions won valuable gifts.

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