June 21 marks the International Day of Yoga – a teaching that originated in ancient India, and designed to open the way for people to bodily and spiritual harmony. Today, there are yoga fans all over the world, and in 2014, a holiday dedicated to it was established by the UN General Assembly.

It is no coincidence that the date of June 21 was chosen – this is the day of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Regular yoga classes, according to its fans, light up in each person his or her “inner sun”, make it shine for many years, filling the soul with joy and peace, and the body with flexibility and strength.

Since 2015, International Day of Yoga has been widely celebrated in Tomsk. Imperial Energy group of companies invariably takes part in the organization of this holiday, with the exception of only two years of the pandemic, when the Day of Yoga was not held.

This year, the main venue for the VIII International Day of Yoga in Tomsk was the Square of Student Construction Brigades on Krasnoarmeyskaya street.

On Sunday, June 19, teachers from the leading Tomsk yoga studios and centers held a series of master classes and exhibition performances for the participating citizens, introducing them to breathing practices, asanas, the principles of meditation and proper nutrition.

The program of the event was opened by representatives of the Tomsk Region Administration and the guest of honor – Rajneesh Patidar, third secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of India in Russia, who arrived in Tomsk on this occasion. He warmly greeted numerous Tomsk residents – participants and spectators, thanked the organizers, pleased everyone with a song in Hindi about kindness and love for the world.

The holiday was attended by about 50 employees of our group of companies together with their families.

The contribution of our group of companies to the preparation of the Yoga Day was awarded with a letter of appreciation from the Tomsk Region Administration.

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