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May 9, Victory Day.

On May 9, celebrations dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the Great Victory of the Soviet people over fascism took place in Tomsk. According to an unchanging tradition, on the main street of the city on this significant and holy day for all Russians, a military parade and a memorial procession called the Immortal Regiment were held. Employees of Imperial Energy group with their families marched in an organized manner in the column of many thousands of Tomsk residents – participants of the Immortal Regiment, carrying portraits of their ancestors who had fought at the front and forged the Victory on the home front.

 Together with the Russian management and employees of IE, our Indian top managers and specialists also took part in the Immortal Regiment, sharing the joy of the holiday with their Tomsk colleagues and paying tribute to the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. This display of solidarity is especially significant today, when in many countries of the world, the decisive role of the Soviet Union in the victory over Nazi Germany is deliberately downplayed, and modern Russia is subjected to unprecedented political and economic pressure. The joint procession of Russian and Indian employees of IE on Victory Day is a small but clear manifestation of the indissoluble bonds of old friendship between our countries!

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