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Imperial Energy Group has successfully commissioned a suspended liner of its own design.

Developed by the specialists of the Group, the suspended hanger HPU-140 is designed to protect subsurface equipment of the liner hanger type from complications related to ESP and production tubing falling down in the well.

HPU-140 is installed into the subsurface telemetry module located in the lower part of the ESP . Due to difference in diameters of the suspended liner and the the liner hanger, the subsurface equipment can no longer get stuck in the liner hanger in an emergency situation (“equipment fall”) - thus the port in the liner hanger interval does not get blocked and the reservoir does not become isolated.

Earlier, before commissioning of HPU, when the subsurface equipment "fell", workover crews took a long time to rectify the situation, which in its turn led to  inability to produce oil from the well.

“Clear examples of successful implementation of HPU-140 can be considered completed workover jobs in wells 114, 115 and 116 of Maiskoye field. Given the type of complications  associated with the fall of subsurface equipment, the workover crews managed to preserve the subsurface equipment and reduce the time taken for workover activities associated with recovery of the ESP and the tubing string. It is evident that during these jobs, HPU-140 has demonstrated to be very effective, ”said Aleksey L. Lebedev, Deputy Chief Engineer - Head of CETS of LLC Nord Imperial .

The following specialists of the Imperial Energy Group took part in development and implementation of the suspended liner HPU-140:

  • A.Y. Tuyunda - Chief specialist for ESP operation (Production and Technology Department), LLC Nord Imperial;
  • B.P. Anischenko - Lead specialist (Production and Technology Department), LLC Nord Imperial;
  • A.A. Grekhov - Lead engineer (Oil & Gas Production Section No. 2), LLC Nord Imperial;
  • N.F. Drozdov  - Chief mechanic, LLC Nord Imperial;
  • O.N. Ostapenko - Head (Production and Technical Department for Well Drilling, Completion and Workover), LLC Rus Imperial Group.
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