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A celebration of body and soul harmony

Worldwide celebration of the International Yoga Day, which has already become traditional, takes place on June 21st. This holiday is celebrated for the fourth time since its official approval by the UN General assembly in 2014 at the initiative of the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. Since this year the holiday fell on Thursday, the organizers in Tomsk, upon agreement with the Indian Embassy in Moscow, postponed its celebration to Saturday, June 23rd.

As a part of celebration on the square of musical “Fountain of Youth”, the organizers of the event arranged yoga practice for all comers. Instructors and yoga trainees once again demonstrated that this sport fits to people of all ages.

As usual, one of the sponsors of the event was Imperial Energy Group where yoga practice has become the favorite sport for many employees a long time ago. “On behalf of Imperial Energy Group, I would like to thank Tomsk citizens and Imperial Energy employees, who came to this square today to devote themselves to yoga. Imperial Energy Group draws special attention to yoga, and it is always an honor for us to be a part of this celebration,” said Krip Sanker Pandey, Chief Executive Officer of Imperial Energy.

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