08.10.2020 Shyamal Kumar Roy - Chief Executive Officer of Imperial Energy

On September 14th , 2020 Mr. Shyamal Kumar Roy (Group General Manager, ONGC) joined to the position of the Chief Executive Officer of Imperial Energy group of companies.

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21.11.2019 Imperial Energy Group has successfully commissioned a suspended liner of its own design.

Developed by the specialists of the Group, the suspended hanger HPU-140 is designed to protect subsurface equipment of the liner hanger type from complications related to ESP and production tubing falling down in the well...

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04.09.2019 Fraudulent Job Offer Warning!

In connection with the increasing number of appeals from the foreign citizens on the issue of employment in Imperial Energy Group, please be informed on the following...

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21.01.2019 Production results for Y2018 in Imperial Energy Group and plans for Y2019

The actual oil production in Imperial Energy Group in Y2018 was 216.4 thousand tons. With a business plan of 236 thousand tons, its fulfillment made 91.7% or minus 19.6 thousand tons...

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09.07.2018 Imperial Energy and Tomsk ecologists released more than a hundred small peled fishes

On June 29, Imperial Energy Group, jointly with the ecologist, has organized the release of small peled fishes into Tom river...

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