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List of contractors

This section will provide information on contractors Imperial Energy.

DeGolyer and MacNaughton Corp. (USA) / Корпорация «ДеГОЛЬЕР энд МакНОТОН Корп.» (США)

Country: The United States of America

Region: Delaware

Address: The United States of America

Phone: +1 (214) 368-6391

E-mail: degolyer@demac.com

Website: http://www.demac.com

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LIN SCAN Advanced pipelines and Tanks Services Private company

Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: Dubai

Address: United Arab Emirates

Phone: +9716 5262042

E-mail: info@linscaninspection.com

Website: http://www.linscaninspection.com

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PJSC "Sibneftegeofizika"

Country: Russian Federation

Region: Novosibirsk

Address: Russian Federation

Phone: 8 383 224-73-88

E-mail: sibngf@sibngf.ru

Website: http://WWW.sibngf.ru

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Акционерное общество "СМНГ-Центр"

Country: Россия

Region: г. Москва

Address: Россия

Phone: (499) 255-06-35

E-mail: office@smngc.ru

Website: http://www.smngc.ru

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Country: РФ

Region: Москвская

Address: РФ

Phone: 8(495)280-38-34, 8(495)280-38-35, 8(495)280-38-36

E-mail: info@pangea.ru

Website: http://www.pangea.ru

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